​Junior Olympic, Regional and National Championship Team

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USATF  is the governing body of the United States Olympic Team.

The solution

Joining a youth track or cross country club is a perfect alternative.  Children learn the value of fitness without the high risk of injury that is prevalent in contact sports, and unlike the traditional sports where the top performers play the majority of time, part of coach Burke's youth coaching philosophy is that all youth members participate 100 percent of the time in their age division. Regardless of ability, each child will toe the start line.

Parents need to understand that just because your son or daughter does not show signs of being a great performer in the traditional sports like soccer, football or baseball,  running just might be an alternative  sport .  

Training our youth is a huge responsibility, and we approach each youth member as an individual. We train him or her based on their own ability and skill levels. It's not always about how fast they get to the finish line, but it's always about doing your best for that day. 

​Coach Burke has produced a winning team in each of the past 8 years. Team participants have competed in the divisional, regional and national levels.

Meet The Coach

Head Coach
Richard Burke
    Certificated USATF  Award Winning 
 Endurance Running Coach, Masters Marathoner and Ultra Mountain Trail Runner. 
USATF is the governing member of the U.S.A Olympic Running Team

So what's the solution?

The pressure that today’s youth are facing to conform to traditional sports are enormous. Football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc. are sports that require skill sets that not all youth are genetically or emotionally capable of participating in. The stress for some children to conform to these high profile sports are resulting in injuries at an alarming rate.

2018 Track & Field

USATF, City of Vacaville and Police Activity League  announcing city wide registration for 8 to 17 year old boys and girls.

Open registration starts December 4th and ends December 29th, or until roster is full.

​(Our rosters fills up fast)

2018 summer program registration opens May 1, 2018

2018 x-country registration opens July 1, 2018