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45 to 60 day supply when used as directed

HGH Booster
To support a strong immune system during periods of stress and/or training volume, and to safely raise levels of HGH (up to 400%!), mix 1 scoop of Hammer Whey in 4-6 ounces (approx. 118-177ml) of water only (no carbohydrates) up to 30 minutes prior to bedtime.
Whey protein should not be used immediately before or during exercise due to the added glutamine, which tends to produce ammonia, a primary cause of premature muscle fatigue.

Daily Protein Intake Chart:

How much protein do endurance athletes need? Numerous studies have demonstrated that endurance athletes in heavy training need more protein than recreational athletes do. This chart gives you a good reference as to how much protein you should consider consuming daily from all sources. More information can be found in The Endurance Athlete's Guide To Success.

Body weight                             Serving amount in grams
100-110                                     64-70g 
111-119                                     71-75g 
120-130                                     76-83g 
131-139                                     84-88g 
140-150                                     89-95g 
151-159                                     96-101g 
160-170                                   102-108g 
171-179                                   109-114g
180-190                                   115-121g 
191-199                                   122-126g 
200-210                                   127-134g 
211-219                                   135-139g
220-230                                   104 140g
231-239                                   108 147g

*All measurements shown in grams needed per day