​Junior Olympic, Regional and National Championship Team

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Your generous support will provide uniforms, shoes, nutritional support, equipment and transportation costs to and from our regional and national competition events. Your donation will also help to pay for the rental of training facilities. 

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Head Coach Richard Burke

Sanctioned/Certificated by USATF

USATF is the governing body of our US Olympic Team

Our Vacaville youth running club is an example of our community responsibility efforts.  Children, starting at the age of 7 thru 17 are encouraged to get involved with track & field and cross country events that include running, jumping, throwing, competing—things that most kids naturally love to do.​

 By channeling their energy and enthusiasm into organized and sanctioned running clubs, children are given the opportunity to learn about themselves, others and teamwork.  No matter how fast they run, how long they jump or how far they throw, every child is treated like a winner.  It’s not about who crosses the finish line first; it’s about giving it your best effort, and supporting your team mates. Though we have many youth with varying fitness levels, we are home to some very fast kids. Our team consists of California regional and Junior Olympic champions including a second place world record holder in the 12 year old division. 

 Thunder Hawks running club provides an outstanding opportunity for children to make new friends and become committed to a physical fitness program.  We also teach about proper nutrition and diet.  Almost 70% of America’s youth are not receiving the proper amount of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other high quality protein and carbohydrates.

 Thunder Hawks running club is sanctioned by 
USATF,  the governing body of our USA Olympic Team.  We also are a sanctioned organization of the Hershey’s corporation track and field games.

Our youth members consist of California regional champions including youth world record holders. 

Please Help Support Our Award Winning Athletes.

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Our athletes hold local, regional, state and world records.

​Your financial contribution will go a long ways in helping them maintain such a high level of athleticism.