​Junior Olympic, Regional and National Championship Team

Non Profit 501(c)(3) 46-4516913

Team Thunder Hawks  is a 501.3 (c) organization, and our mission is to establish a youth fitness program of the highest quality. We engage with youth organizations (regardless of disabilities, handicaps etc.), families and individuals that primarily benefits the youth of the communities we serve.  We pro-actively coach and educate our youth that running combined with proper nutrition and diet will help create a higher standard of mind and body.

The primary objective of our youth running program is to accelerate awareness of fitness standards in our communities by establishing year round youth USATF training programs. 
Secondly, to create a high level program that will prepare the more talented and impassioned youth athlete for college scholarships

1. A timely development of a community based youth USATF endurance and track club. Design, implement and mentor those families interested in a higher level  youth program as a USATF youth member club.  USATF is the governing body for the US Olympic Track Team.
2. We expect to achieve success by ensuring the youth we coach are exposed to a science based type of environment, and to assist and mentor member families in proper nutrition and diet standards for the youth athlete.
3. We will ensure that participants have access to quality coaching, nutritional services, and that no one gets dropped from our services unless it is voluntary.
4. Increase public awareness of the associative diseases brought on by childhood and adult obesity.

 Core Values:
It’s not about who crosses the finish line first, it’s about giving it your best effort, and by helping others to achieve his or her best.
All non-profits strive to serve humanity based on their set of core values, and mission profile. Our Thunder Hawk core value is based on the belief that fitness training at any age leads to a more productive life style, but an early start is best. Youth is our communities most precious resource.

Social Responsibility:
Social responsibility is just not a theory of righteous living, but is an actual process of practical application of leadership within a community.
Our leadership role is to pro-actively be involved with those children and families that are in need of a high quality fitness programs, and no child is turned away because of socio economic or cultural profile.  We encourage children with both physical and emotional disabilities to join with us.

Community is belonging to a group that shares common values.  A community should also provide a safe environment and a sense of connection and belonging that binds us together for the common good of all.

Richard Burke