THE MIND:  It all starts with our brain. Our mental attitude is the single most important factor in achieving our fitness and running goals
Train the brain and the body will follow. No one is born with mental toughness and it doesn't happen overnight



~~THE BODY: Speed, strength, flexibility, endurance and accuracy are but a few of the wonderful adjectives that describes the body and heart of a human being in training.  As we train we live in a tri-cycle of life, and it repeats itself over and over as long as we are in training.
1. Training cycle: Key workouts and how we train our body, mind and heart.
2. Recovery cycle: How we treat our body after each workout.
3. Game cycle: The various running, cycling, swimming or other events we participate in.
Golden Rule Two: Train the heart and our body will follow. Your heart is the single most important muscle/organ to train.



~~THE SPIRIT:  Our Spirit is directed intelligence or that part of us that is seemingly immaterial or invisible. As we put our body through training, our Spirit needs to be strong, brave and relentless in pursuit of individual perfection and goals.
We need to balance our training with family, friends and work; our Spirit demands this of us. Spirit also requires that we prepare our body properly for the hard work and dedication that training involves.
GOLDEN RULE THREE:  Give your Spirit what it requires. Performance is a commitment and a way of life. MIND BODY SPIRIT....... effort, nutrition, diet = an improved life.