A quality partnership for Vacaville's youth.

​City of Vacaville's one and only youth track and cross country team.



2019 Track and Field registration will open December 15, 2018 

Register at Three Oaks Community Center, located at 1100 Alamo Drive in Vacaville

Call coach Richard for any questions. 707-330-0020 

Training Days:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Training Time:  4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Start Date:        January 14, 2019

Location: Al Patch Track, Vacaville

MONTHLY  FEES: $45.00 for single family member or $60.00 for 2 or more family members

One time processing fee of $40.00

Today's Youth Athletes


Training Days:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Training Time:  4:30 to 6:00 pm pm at Al Patch Track

Start Date:        January 14, 2019 



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are tomorrow's champions! As the #1 high school ,junior high school  and grade school participatory sport, track & field, X-country, long distance running, and race walking offer a variety of competitive and fitness opportunities. Youth competitions takes place in 2-year age divisions starting from 8 years old, for both boys and girls.

Youth meets and races are often more than competition--they're also fun! And, regardless of whether young athletes achieve a personal best, win a medal, or earn a shot at national competition, they'll have the opportunity to make new friends--and a lifetime of memories!

​ Most of my running and coaching career has been spent on constantly improving my methods, and although the core of them stays true to basic fundamentals, they remain flexible depending on the circumstances of each youth athlete. These methods have not only produced regional and Junior Olympic champions, but they have also instilled pride, confidence and passion about the sport of running.

Part of my coaching process is being able to understand that each youth athlete has their own unique process for learning, moving, and achieving. Some are more athletic or motivated, while others have less enthusiasm or have not developed the necessary skill sets. Myself and coaching staff work hard at developing these skill sets for the more advanced youth as will as those that are new to a professional youth fitness program.

As a coach, part of my job description is to  continually adjust my temperance without losing the essence of the team or individual goals.

​I have always believed that the most important function in youth athletics is education, not only for the coach or athletes, but for the parents too. Educate yourself, understand the process, be willing to change, and success will come to you and your son or daughter.

Head Coach
Richard Burke
Certificated USATF  Award Winning 
Endurance Running Coach, Masters Marathoner and Ultra Mountain Trail Runner. 
USATF is the governing body of the United States Olympic Running Team







USATF  Tthe governing branch of the United States Olympic Team.


​Junior Olympic, Regional and National Championship Team

Non Profit 501(c)(3) 46-4516913

Richard Burke

USATF Thunder Hawk Head Coach

​Dan Steplight: Assistant Coach